Sweater: ZARA Men’s |  Shorts: American Apparel | Shoes: ZARA | Purse: Kenneth Cole Black

Sartorially, I consider both teams fair game. That’s two worlds of options—or just playing smart, right?

The ZARA Men’s selection draws me just as much as the women’s, these days. Meet “64”, unequivocally, my new favorite sweater.

Though, I’ll likely always be a 4 in. stiletto away from going full menswear.



(Peach) Pop Art — Exclusive Lookbook

Pants: Peach Pop Fashion | Top: Gypsum Style | Shoes: ZARA

Pants: Peach Pop Fashion | Top: Gypsum Style | Shoes: ZARA

Pants: Peach Pop Fashion | Top: Gypsum Style | Shoes: ZARA

Pants: Peach Pop Fashion | Top: Gypsum Style | Shoes: ZARA

Vest: ZARA | Pants: Peach Pop Fashion | Top: Gypsum Style | Shoes: ZARA

Shorts: Gypsum Style | Top: Peach Pop Fashion | Shoes: ZARA

When it comes to workout gear, I generally keep it simple: black, tight, mostly skin. (Ok, so I apply that broadly.) Suffice it to say, no quirky  colors and patterns, thanks.

As with all things, especially personal taste, there’s always exceptions to the rule. Peach Pop Fashion, purveyor of elevated urban fitwear (essentially your second, sexier skin while sweating all over the gym), introduced me to leggings that give your statement-wear a run for its money.

Above are some of my favorite Peach Pop pieces, styled for work(out) and play, for an exclusive lookbook collaboration. Check out the full feature and my interview on Peach Pop, here.

Strap Up

Dress: H&M |  Harness: BCBG | Boots: BCBG

Spring/Summer ’14: a healthy collision of that ride or die favorite (black black black), unapologetic accessorizing (harness) and a hair reboot.

Any questions?